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Cybercrime and Information Security Risk

"A monster with many faces"

Cyber-related crime has many forms, it is coming more frequently,  becoming more and more advanced and is increasingly dangerous. It targets both the public and the private sector. The perpetrators can be both criminals and foreign governments. The motives may be the acquisition of (precious) information, fraud or simply the disruption of operational activities. Are you aware of the specific risks your organisation is exposed to? Can you demonstrate if incidents occurs that you have undertaken all of your responsibilities with regard to the risks? 

Financial Crime Risk

"USD 2.1 trillion per year"

USD 2.1 trillion a year is the estimated cost of financial crime to the global economy. Financial crime includes both fraud and money laundering activity. How vulnerable is your organisation to financial crime? Do you have the right controls in place for both prevention and detection? Does the culture within your organisation support early identification and response? Do you have the right "tone from the top"? 

Employee Risk

"They seemed such a good person"

Are you aware that 70% of cv’s are incorrect? Are you aware that 10% of cv’s contain lies about education, graduation and work experience? The financial damage for your organization could exceed € 50.000,- not taking into account  possible reputation damage. Too many organizations underestimate these risks. Is your organization fully aware? Are you in control?

Media and Reputational Risk

"It’s not personal...just business"

Publicity can have an impact not only on your organisation but also on you and your family. This can be positive and negative. Are you prepared for the luxury of positive publicity and aware of the potential impact of negative publicity? Do you understand where conflicts of interest may exist between the media strategy for your organisation and your own reputation? Are you doing what is needed to keep them aligned?

Crisis Management

"Organise and test before a crisis begins"

A crisis is nothing more than an incident with a huge impact. Every day incidents occur in your organisation and most can be dealt with in business as usual mode. Beyond that there are the incidents which require special attention - this can be by nature, size or impact. Does your organisation have a good incident and crisis management system? Does everyone in your organisation know who is responsible in a given situation? Is everyone aware of when and what escalation has to take place? Have you tested your response?

Executive and Senior Manager Coaching

"Individuals are responsible not an organisation"

This responsibility comes with difficult dilemmas; How do I inspire? How do I influence? How do I deal with internal politics? When do I call out the unacceptable? What if budget restrictions restrict quality of output? How do other people look at you and how does that affect your effectiveness? Different versions of the truth, negative publicity, how and when to compromise - each of these issues can be addressed through coaching.