Risk management. Ervaring maakt het verschil



In short 

Verinq Risk Management was founded by Fred Teeven and Rene Troost. In Verinq’s vision people, who hold ultimate responsibility, are central in good risk management. Processes, automation and organisational structure are tools, but responsibility cannot be outsourced to these tools. In the end it’s not only doing things the right way, but also doing the right things. We, the founding partners, our team and our strategic partners are fully aware of this. Together we have one mission. Based on solid experience we will come up with pragmatic, effective and (cost) efficient solutions in such a way so you can take your responsibility.


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Cybercrime and information
security risk

"A monster with many faces"

Financial crime risk

"USD 2.1 trillion per year"


"They seemed such a good person"


Media and reputational risk

"It’s not personal...just business"

Crisis management

"Organise and test before a crisis begins"

Executive and senior
manager coaching

"Individuals are responsible not an organisation"


Experience makes the difference.
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